Attar Al Has

Embraced by people from all walks of life; ATTAR AL HAS represents the origins of olfactory craftsmanship entailing exclusive blends of ancient eastern and modern era essences. As an international luxury brand, we collaborate with some of the world’s most respected master perfumers devoted to artistic formulations. Our signature scents are embodied in shining eminent bottles symbolising the sovereignty of its powerful potions. ATTAR AL HAS is owned by Mr. Ersin Bas and Mr. Sinan Karakas who are close friends with long-standing common goals. Both being professionally active in the personal grooming industry for 25 years, they partnered their passion for fragrances by forming ATTAR AL HAS in 2021. The brand is meticulously managed by a visionary team implementing the highest standards in R&D, Production, Quality Control & Assurance, Warehousing & Logistics, Global Sales & Marketing. All these activities take place in our Headquarters in Istanbul which is supported by our EU Sales & Logistics Centre in Brussels. Whatever our culture, values or beliefs; we are committed to promoting productive and sustainable relations driven by mutual respect, trust and transparency.

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