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ATTAR AL HAS, is an international exclusive brand, and renowned for its unique fragrances crafted from a blend of ancient eastern and modern era essences. Founded in 2021 by two passionate friends with 25 years of experience in the perfume industry, the brand collaborates with renowned perfumers to create signature scents. The company is dedicated to maintaining high standards in research & development, production, quality control, warehousing, logistics, global sales and marketing. Headquartered in Istanbul with an EU Sales & Logistics Centre in Brussels, ATTAR AL HAS is committed to fostering productive and sustainable relationships based on respect, trust, and transparency, regardless of people's backgrounds or beliefs.
ATTAR AL HAS, broadly translated from Arabic, means “Personal Fragrance “. Attar is defined as aroma or essence while Al khass means private, own, personal. Additionally, The term ‘Attar’ also refers to the craft of vending of fragrances and medicines. It serves as the noun for “perfumer" or "pharmacologist.

ATTAR AL HAS fragrances are composed of higher concentrations of fragrance extracts and more natural ingredients to create a unique and impressive experience and captivating notes of depth warmth, sensuality.
Creative blends and rare recipes made from nature's finest raw materials.
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Attar al Has history dating back to ancient civilizations in the Middle East and Asia. It is characterized by the use of exotic ingredients like oud, amber, and spices. The tradition of oriental perfumery can be traced to ancient Egypt, where fragrances were associated with spirituality and daily life. The Silk Road played a crucial role in spreading these scents from Istanbul to other parts of the world. During the Islamic Golden Age, Arab chemists refined the art of distillation, contributing to the development of perfumery. In the modern age, the Niche fragrance world was influenced by oriental elements. Today, oriental perfumery continues to be celebrated for its opulent and seductive scents, offering a timeless allure. Each of our fragrances has its own story linked to this journey of ingredients that begins in the Far East and ends at the crossroads of civilizations in Istanbul. The French artist Prétextat Lecomte who lived in Istanbul during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid II once said that beautiful perfume is "a luxury for the West but a must for the East."
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    Niche perfumes are more than just beautiful scents; they are composed of memories and emotions far apart from their physical components. Our sense of smell is the most powerful one we have. Essentially linked to mood and behaviour, what we smell has the ability to stir, stimulate and move us in an instant. ATTAR AL HAS is a world of olfactory wonders and sensual stories that complement the need for expressing individuality and personal style.
    Attar Al Has currently has two collections: The Exclusive collection and the Limited collection. The Exclusive collection has 9 fragrances, this collection is an olfactory tribute to the Ottoman Empire and the tales of 1001 nights. Each bottle celebrates a unique facet of this rich history, capturing the mystical aromas of Ottoman palaces and bustling markets. Floral, spicy and woody notes subtly transport you on a sensory journey through time.
    Our bottle is a masterpiece, made in the image of the jewels owned by sultans and high-ranking people in the Ottoman Empire. The bottle carries the mark of the Arab-Muslim art that inspired the craftsmen who worked on Ottoman architecture. it also shows the Arabic calligraphy for "Attar Al Has". We also have Arabic arabesques inspired by the decorations of the palaces of the empire. An opulent cap with Swarovski stones, representing the jewels made of precious metals and stones during the heyday of this empire.
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