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Privacy Policy


Attar Al Has prioritizes the protection of your personal rights and values your personal privacy and security.

This policy has been prepared and published to fulfill our obligations as the data controller to inform you about the collection, protection, processing, storage, usage, transfer, and other basic information regarding your access to personal data conveyed to our company in written, verbal, or digital environments.

For more detailed information about Privacy, Personal Information Protection, and other standard procedures, you can request it by sending an email to You can always contact us.

  • Why does Attar Al Has collect your personal data?

The collection and use of data are necessary for the fulfillment of obligations arising from our written and verbal contracts.

Attar Al Has may, in cases permitted by local legislation, record, store, update, disclose to third parties, transfer, classify, and process your personal information to the extent allowed by law.

  1. What personal data does Attar Al Has collect?
  1. Information you directly provide to Attar Al Has:

These include your name, address, ID number, tax number, phone number, date of birth, email address, assigned membership number by Attar Al Has, Social Security number, bank account information, gender information, marital status, number of children, or information related to your appearance and habits that we may request for organizing campaigns. Attar Al Has hopes to receive the aforementioned personal data and information from you. If you do not want to share this information with us, please refrain from doing so. There may be disruptions in service due to not sharing certain information.

  • Information collected by Attar Al Has:

We store information such as your purchase history, levels of your team structure, performance, new team members, performance of your team members, earnings in the team structure, whether monthly purchases are made or not. We may automatically collect the information listed when you visit our website or use our application. Technical information such as your Protocol (IP) address, internet browser type-version, time zone and settings, browser plug-in types and versions, login information, operating system, and platform, as well as information about your visits, including the URL flow clicked (date and time-stamped), that directs to our website, interactions on the page, exit methods used from the page, and all phone numbers used to call Attar Al Has assistants.

  • Information obtained by Attar Al Has from other sources:

If you use any of the other digital platforms under the management of Attar Al Has, information can be collected through these digital platforms. Information about you may also be obtained from our business partners.

  • How does Attar Al Has use your personal data?

To verify the accuracy of your identity information

To communicate with you and deliver the purchased products to you

For payment of your earnings percentage, resolution of disputes, and protection of your rights and interests

To provide a technically fast and reliable internet environment

To be able to make updates and notifications about Attar Al Has working conditions and changes

To organize all records and documents that will be the basis for any financial and legal transactions, either in digital or physical environments

To fulfill the obligations we undertake in contracts as Attar Al Has

To provide information to public officials in accordance with the law when requested in accordance with the procedures and principles, if necessary

For the security of digital platforms, to ensure interactive usage

To provide information about our products and campaigns that we think our stakeholders may be interested in to help them save time

To increase efficiency and satisfaction, to recognize stakeholders who shop from our digital platforms, and to use their interests in financial analyses and various marketing and advertising activities. In this context, surveys can be conducted electronically and/or physically through affiliated organizations.

  • Attar Al Has may use cookies in the collection of personal data.

The personal information provided by our stakeholders who operate on the website or mobile applications is processed by Attar Al Has in accordance with their explicit consent and the relevant legal provisions. Attar Al Has’s digital platforms, like all digital platforms, use cookies. A cookie is defined as a file consisting mostly of letters and numbers that can be stored on the internet browser or hard drive of any device in use, allowing the identification of the device in question. To provide a better experience to our explorers and, provided that it is not used for purposes other than the specified ones, Attar Al Has will collect, process, share with third parties, and securely store your navigation information. Our cookies may store log files, empty gif files, and/or information collected through third-party sources to create a summary of your preferences. Digital platforms may track your browsing information and/or your usage history on the website/application to make personalized promotions, offer promotions and marketing offers, and/or determine your preferences; they can use cookies.

  • How does the Attar Al Has website or mobile application use cookies?

Our sites generally use two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are valid only until you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain on your hard drive until you delete them or until their lifetimes expire (how long cookies will remain on your device will depend on the “lifetimes” of the cookies). Our cookies use the information you provide to remember your preferences and personalize your website/application usage. They include cookies that save your password and keep your website/application session open so that you don’t have to enter your password multiple times during each visit. They can be used to measure how you use the website/application, such as where you connected to our website/application, what content you viewed on the website/application, and the duration of your visit.

  • How does Attar Al Has protect your personal data?

Both the data you have provided to our company with your explicit consent and the data collected by our company through digital platforms are under the supervision and control of our company. Our staff processing the data undergoes periodic GDPR training, devices processing and storing data are equipped with licensed up-to-date software, necessary organizations are established by conducting regular penetration tests, and technical measures are taken. In case of a possible leakage, our data protection officers and emergency response team, consisting of trained experts in accordance with internal protocols and principles, intervene instantly. All data is stored on secure servers.

Your credit card information or bank card information is not stored by us.

On our website or mobile application, you set a password or Attar Al Has gives you a password to access your account. You are solely responsible for the confidentiality and security of this password. It is your responsibility to ensure that your password is not disclosed or compromised. If your password is stolen, it can provide access to many of your personal data.

  • Does Attar Al Has share your personal data?

Attar Al Has conducts all transactions on your personal data in accordance with the relevant laws. Your personal data cannot be the subject of any agreement for sale, lease, or commercial profit. In the event of a transfer of all assets of the company, your personal data will be included in these assets. Attar Al Has is a multinational and multi-partner structure. Therefore, your data may be transferred to our companies abroad (Attar Al Has group companies) and the company’s headquarters. This transfer may serve operational support or other purposes. However, this purpose cannot be contrary to your permissions and rights.

In order to provide the services we want to offer and to control the quality of the services provided, personal data may be shared with certain third parties that support Attar Al Has in providing services to you.

Your personal data may be disclosed to the parties involved in the sales process of Attar Al Has’s products and services, contracted solution partners, Attar Al Has group companies, business partners, banks, and official authorities, and in all kinds of legal disputes or processes, where requested by judicial authorities and administrative authorities and, if necessary, to protect and defend the rights of Attar Al Has.

  • How long does Attar Al Has store your personal data?

Personal data collected for the purposes specified in this policy will be deleted, destroyed, or anonymized by Attar Al Has when the purpose for which they were processed disappears, and legal periods are expired. In addition, personal data is deleted, destroyed, or anonymized in case you withdraw your consent.

  • What are your rights regarding your personal data?

In accordance with the GDPR and other laws, you have the right to request information about whether Attar Al Has has personal data about you and, if applicable, the right to access this data and request further information, to request the correction or deletion of your personal data, to object to the processing of your personal data, to request the restriction of processing, and to data portability. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time, without affecting the legality of the processing carried out on the basis of your consent before its withdrawal.

If you wish to exercise these rights, you can contact us at the contact details provided below.

To exercise your rights or if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our data protection practices, please contact our Data Protection Officer via the following contact details:

Data Protection Officer: [Your Name] [Your Title] [Your Company] [Your Address] [Your Email] [Your Phone Number]

  • Changes to the Privacy Policy

Attar Al Has may change the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time. The updated Privacy Policy will be published on the website, and you will be notified of the changes via email or other communication channels. The effective date of the Privacy Policy will be updated accordingly.

  • Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to exercise your rights regarding your personal data, please contact us using the following contact information:

Attar Al Has [Your Company] [Your Address] [Your Email] [Your Phone Number]

Date: [Current Date] Effective Date: [Effective Date]

By using our services and providing your personal data, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy, and you agree to the collection, processing, and use of your personal data by Attar Al Has in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


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